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Courses, books, and other ONS products are available for organizations to purchase. Please contact us to learn more about these products and the volume discount pricing available for organizations.


Why ONS Courses?

Access the latest in evidence-based education from ONS. Redesigned ONS course feature:   

  • Highly interactive  
  • Visual and auditory elements  
  • Animated content  
  • All nursing content is overseen by a nurse planner on staff  
  • Practical, real-life scenarios (many are case studies or contain case studies)  
  • Interactive menus to allow autonomy in learning (key for adult learners)  
  • Designed by professional instructional designers  
  • Maintain a database of a variety of diversity characteristics to assure that our learning activities are represented  
  • We have robust quality assurance and quality control procedures  
  • Courses are reviewed annually for content changes and feedback provided by the learners  
  • When a course first launches, it is reviewed at six-month increments to do faster adjustments if necessary  
  • All courses are built by a cross-functional team to ensure well-roundedness of design and implementation  

Institutions contact us to learn more about the latest in oncology nursing education.  

Oncology Nurse Orientation Program

The Oncology Nurse Orientation Program provides didactic content for nurses new to oncology. This program builds on the Foundations of Oncology Nursing Practice Bundle (formerly Oncology Nurse Orientation Bundle) and includes flexible preceptor-led activities.  The ONS Oncology Nurse Orientation Program content is evidence-based, incorporates ONS standards and guidelines, and supports new oncology nurses working toward certification based on the ONS Oncology Nurse Generalist Competencies.


Institutions contact us to learn more.