By Kristina Mathey, Congress Planning Team Member

The educational sessions at ONS Congress are an excellent backbone to the conference; attendees learn from leaders in oncology and related fields who provide up-to-the minute information on current topics in cancer care. However, it is peer-peer learning presentations that make up the heart and soul of the Congress experience. Congress is the ideal forum for nurses to network and learn from one another. The poster presentations and oral abstract sessions are the ideal places for this magical exchange of knowledge to occur.

So, what exactly is an abstract and how does one go about creating one? Great question! An abstract is a short, concise summary of the significance and background, purpose, intervention, evaluation and discussion of a project or research.

The idea of submitting an abstract can be an intimidating one. Often times, we as nurses, do not give ourselves as much credit as we deserve for the great things we are doing for inflatable water park for adults ourselves, our peers, and our patients.  The best way to begin the abstract process is to brainstorm what you do on a daily basis. Do you work with a multidisciplinary team to care for a special population? Has your unit initiated a quality improvement project? Abstract presentations are focused in areas of administration, education, research, leadership development, advance practice, quality improvement, and clinical/evidence-based practice projects.

Selection of abstracts are based solely on a blind peer-review process. The highest scoring abstracts will be presented as oral abstract session with four to six other abstracts group by a related category. Speakers will generally have 10-15 minutes to present and expand on their abstract leaving time for questions. Abstracts selected for poster presentations expand on their abstract through a visual display. Posters are available to view throughout Congress, however there are also assigned times for authors of accepted poster abstracts to present their work and further network with attendees. All accepted abstract are published in the online Oncology Nursing Forum.

Five categories are open for submission:

If you would like to share some of the important work you and your oncology colleagues have done, submit your abstract for the ONS 43rd Annual Congress held May 17-20th in Washington DC. Submissions are due Thursday, September 28.

Need help preparing your abstract?

Through the ONS Mentorship Program for Abstract Writers, novice abstract writers are partnered with experienced mentors to help guide you through the process. For more information on this program or about abstract submissions in general, please email