By Nancy Corbitt, BSN, RN, OCN®, CRNI, Congress Planning Team Member

Nurses are in the business to help others. We strive to deliver excellent care and pride ourselves on healing the sick. We do not expect to be involved in unanticipated adverse patient events, but it can and does happen. Providing a safe culture for our patients, drives nurses to deliver excellent care, but inflatable water park for adults mistakes unfortunately occur.  The patient is defined as the first victim of an adverse event, but the second victim is the nurse who was caring for that patient and made the unintentional mistake that may have caused harm.

Come to this engaging session on Friday May 18th 9:45–11 am, presented by Susan Scott, PhD, RN, CPPS, FAAN.  Dr. Scott will explore and educate nurses about this phenomenon, identify signs and symptoms and provide tools to support nurses. What are your rights as a second victim and who can help you?  How can you help a colleague? She will guide us through awareness and work towards providing ways to engage each other and begin the process of healing.

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