Pamela Ginex, Senior Manager of EBP at The Oncology Nursing Society

With the current focus on evidence-based practice, more nurses are engaged in quality improvement projects to move research evidence to patient care and improve outcomes for patients. As clinicians, our overall goal  is to provide safe, high-quality care to our patients in all settings. One way to accomplish this goal is to work collaboratively on a quality improvement project at your practice site.

Nurses play a critical role in evidence-based practice and quality improvement. We can ensure that patients get the best care by questioning practice and highlighting gaps in knowledge that need to be filled by new research. We have an opportunity to work collaboratively and implement new evidence into practice, which is often accomplished with quality improvement projects.

Nurses are at the frontline of care and often know the strengths and weakness of a system and why that system sometimes fails. We know how to fix a dysfunctional system, and our knowledge and commitment to our patients can play a vital role in making and sustaining change within a clinical setting.

Join us at the Clinical Chat Quality Improvement Projects on Saturday, April 13, to learn about and discuss quality improvement in an oncology setting. We’ll discuss the why and how of quality improvement, as well as tips to turn quality improvement into research. Share your experience with colleagues, and learn about how quality improvement practices can lead to improved patient outcomes.