By Barbara Lubejko, ONS Clinical Nurse Specialist

Did you know that ONS has nurses on staff who provide clinical support to members and projects? The Oncology Clinical Specialists (OCS) are responsible for researching and answering your clinical questions, managing educational content and developing clinical resources to help you provide evidence-based care to your patients. Each of the OCS’ are master’s prepared and have a strong background in oncology nursing. You will have the opportunity to meet the OCS group at ONS Congress this year.


The OCS’ will be available in the Attendee Networking Area at set times during Congress.  They will be facilitating a series of six interactive Clinical Chats to provide the opportunity to not only learn from experts but also to share best practices among attendees.  The clinical chats will focus on resources for teaching patients about physical activity, challenges in oral anti-cancer agents, using the ONS documentation standards and planning for survivorship, as well at two chats focused on updates to the ONS PEP resources for prevention of infection and managing sleep/wake disturbances.  Check the Congress schedule for the times of each of these clinical chats.


In addition, there will be opportunities for you to pose your clinical questions to the OCS staff.  OCS’ will be available in the Attendee Networking Area after each of the clinical chats.  In addition, there will be an opportunity to submit your clinical questions anytime the Attendee Networking Area is open. Watch for announcements about answers to trending clinical questions in the ONS Congress app.  In the meantime, if you have clinical questions you are having a difficult time finding the answer to, you can submit those questions to