By Tracy Wyant, RN-BC, MSN, AOCN®, CHPN

Patients at risk for cancer, being treated for cancer, experiencing the effects of treatment, and survivors living with cancer are being cared for in every clinical setting. Are students and nurses prepared to meet these complex care needs? Do nurse educators have the essential resources to assist students and nurses in learning to provide care for this growing patient population?

If your role involves educating students or nurses, you know that limited resources and instruction time present challenges. Finding practical, evidence-based cancer-related content to easily integrate into instructional plans may be difficult. The ONS Educator Resource Center (ERC) is a kids inflatable water park repository of hundreds of adaptable teaching-learning resources that can enrich your program and curriculum planning. Whether you have a few minutes or an hour to teach, you can find appropriate basic and advanced level teaching tools, learner assessments, and student handouts.

You can freely peruse the ONS ERC, search for specific resource topics, preview a few sample resources, and review available subscription options. If you are an academic educator, the resources can enhance your classroom and clinical rotation instruction. If your focus is staff development, the ERC has tools you can use to complement orientation programs for new generalist nurses and APNs, and to develop inservices, knowledge review sessions, and competency evaluation for proficient nurses.

This year at Congress, ONS wants to know how we can help you teach nurses caring for patients living with cancer. Join us on Thursday, April 28 from 11:15 am to 12:15 pm in the ONS Networking Roundtable Area in the Learning Hall for an informal roundtable discussion. ONS staff will help you discover how the ERC can augment your instructional planning. But, we also want you to help us improve the ERC to better meet your needs. Let’s learn from each other!