ONS Congress Press Badge

Media credentials are reserved for working members of the media employed by established news organizations. Press badges will be issued to journalists who submit documentation.

Publisher: (one per publication) Please submit a business card from an established publication containing your editorial title.

Editor: (all levels) Please submit a business card from an established publication containing your editorial title.

Print or broadcast reporter, producer, photographer, camera crew: Please submit a business card or photocopy/fax of current press identification card.

Freelance writer: Please submit an original letter containing specific assignment from managing editor.

Please email these documents to ONS Senior Marketing Manager, Nicole Lininger at 

Note: In accepting ONS’s press badge, you agree to provide ONS a copy or web link to an article(s) written about the conference within 30 days of its publication.

Guidelines for the Media

1. Video and audio recording as well photography are prohibited in session rooms. Video and audio recording is prohibited in the learning hall in the following areas: product theaters, ONS booth, Career Fair Pavilion, and Attendee Networking Area/Clinical Chat area without expressed written consent from ONS.

2. Be respectful of speakers and participants and as unobtrusive during sessions as possible.

3. Limit the amount of equipment you bring into session rooms to the necessary minimum.

4. Keep in mind that ONS records our sessions, so please do not interfere with existing audio/visual processes.

5. Feel free to arrange interviews with speakers and videotape the interviews, but please respect the speakers’ schedule and time. You may use the ONS press room for interviews. To schedule time to use the ONS press room, please email ONS Senior Marketing Manager, Nicole Lininger at

6. The ONS logo or related trademarks may not be used without prior written permission from ONS. Please see the ONS Trademark Policy (available in the press room).

SPECIAL NOTE FOR CNE PROVIDERS: Content captured at ONS conferences cannot be used in your CNE programming.