By: Jessica Thompson, Digital Marketing Coordinator 

Imagine being in the same building with 3,400 like-minded #ONSCongress attendees. How many of your peers could you meaningfully interact with in 10 minutes? Maybe two to three? Then imagine how many of those peers you could realistically call or email on a regular basis to sustain your relationship?

Our guess is not many, if at all. Now imagine virtually meeting and interacting with your attending peers in advance, meeting them in person, and then tweeting, posting, live streaming, pinning, and sharing with them throughout the year. This can all be possible with ONS social media.

Whether you’ve already booked your flight to Denver, CO, or are still working out the details, join the #ONSCongress Facebook event and virtually meet other event goers, start thoughtful Water Trampoline conversations, or even plan a meet-up at a local restaurant in Denver after hours. Is this your first #ONSCongress? If so, use the Facebook event page to ask veteran attendees for tips, tricks, and ideas to get the most out of your trip.

Follow ONS on Twitter and Instagram, search the #ONSCongress hashtag for discussions and posts, and use the hashtag to start or join #ONSCongress conversations. Be sure to tweet with us and use the hashtag during your time in Denver.

And don’t forget your mobile device charger when you pack for the Mile High City. You’ll need it to stay powered up for four full days of tweeting about sessions you’re attending, postings question to spark thought-provoking conversations, pinning engaging articles or even your e-poster, and connecting with ONS and other attendees.

We look forward to your tweets and posts in Denver!