By Anne Katz, PhD, RN, FAAN

The number of cancer survivors grows every year, and with their increasing numbers comes an increasing need to provide them with care in this phase of the cancer trajectory. The 2006 Institute of Medicine report, “Lost in Transition,” highlighted the importance of survivorship care, and the Commission on Cancer requires the provision of survivorship care plans for cancer survivors as an accreditation standard.

So what is the state of the science on survivorship? In Survivorship Care: Moving Beyond Being Lost in Transition on Saturday, April 25, from 1:30–3 pm, Deborah K. Mayer, PhD, RN, AOCN®, FAAN, wibit inflatable water park will highlight the survivorship needs of the millions of cancer survivors who have passed through our institutions. She will present the latest data on models of survivorship care, the unmet needs of this population, and the symptom burden carried by cancer survivors as they move through life after treatment. In addition, she will present evidence on the state of practice with survivorship care plans as well as providing audience members with resources for their own practice to help in the provision of excellent survivorship care.

This session is essential for all nurses as we work towards ensuring that our patients have the tools to live their post-treatment life as well as possible, while balancing the need for surveillance of long-term and late effects of treatment. By attending this session, nurses will be able to support their colleagues and institutions in this vital aspect of cancer care, now and in the future.

Attend this session live in Orlando or join remotely through Congress Live Streaming.

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