By Dawn Jourdan, RN, BSN

We all know that healthcare is rapidly changing—including treatment methods, how and where care is provided, and how we are reimbursed for the care we provide. At times, it can seem a bit overwhelming to keep up with the latest information, let alone think about what may happen next. One area of increasing importance focuses on the quality of care provided. Quality metrics were once mainly limited to inpatient settings, but are water trampoline with slide now being defined across the care continuum. Numerous organizations have developed quality metrics applicable to all patients and more recently, measures specific to the care of oncology patients. At times the list seems never ending and feels a bit like alphabet soup with all of the various organizations including NDNQI, CoC, CMS, ASCO and a host of others. Sometimes just thinking about all of the possible measures one could track, report on, and try to improve makes my head spin.

If you feel like I do at times, be sure to attend “Defining Safety and Quality Across the Cancer Care Continuum” to help make sense of it all. Kristen Fessele, PhD, RN, and Simone Karp, RPh, will discuss factors driving the focus on the quality of care provided, discuss how reimbursement is being impacted by quality measures, and provide an overview of current quality measures and the ONS Quality Clinical Data Registry.  Whether you are a nursing administrator, a quality professional, or a staff nurse who is involved in unit-based quality projects, this session will help you gain a better understanding of the current quality landscape.