By Ben Becze, Director of Development, ONS Foundation

What are some of the common things in life that sometimes get overlooked until it’s too late? Maybe sending in your vehicle registration before the sticker expires? Getting that book wibit inflatable water park back to the library before those small daily late fines turn into big daily late fines? We all have the best intentions of taking care of these things before the word “late” even enters our minds. But in reality, life is busy, and we’re all pulled in endless directions.

Fortunately, things like the vehicle registration or the late library book can be easily remedied with little or no repercussions.* But some things in life require a bit of attention now to avoid more serious consequences in the future. Eight-Step Estate Planning and Investing Toward Retirement are two Congress sessions that will help you prepare for your retirement and plan for your family and the things you care about well into the future.

These sessions will educate you on the important aspects of financial planning and how to proceed with the necessary conversations to put important documents into place so that your loved ones and the organizations you care about are part of your legacy. Please know that these are opportunities to learn. They’ll provide answers to your questions in a no-pressure, conversational, comfortable environment.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I know it’s important. I’ll get to it eventually” in regards to your retirement planning or your will, consider joining the conversation during these two sessions at the ONS 40th Annual Congress.

These annual sessions, presented by ONS Congress veteran Janet Marcantonio, CFP®, are made possible by the ONS Foundation and its Legacy of Care Society.

*This is up for debate, depending on just how late your library book actually is…


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