Jen Krause, National Conference Director

Every year, a group of ONS staff members get together to develop the annual Congress theme—something inspiring that captures what’s happening in oncology nursing while also tying together the look and feel of the conference.

It’s not easy. Not every idea is a good idea, and it can take a while to hit the mark. When it happens, though, it’s something special. The mood in the room changes. Everyone gets animated and excited, throwing out ideas faster than anyone can take notes. That’s what happened last March when some creative minds came up with Growing Together, Transforming Care.

Congress brings thousands of nurses together to learn and connect, individually to grow their practice and increase their knowledge, and communally to change cancer care.

At Congress, you’ll cultivate change in your practice as you learn about the latest developments in oncology nursing in sessions led by acclaimed nursing professionals. You’ll go back to your practice with information on the newest cancer treatments and symptom management strategies, opportunities for career development, and an expanded professional network. In addition to the educational session, the whole conference is buzzing, as nurses share ideas to overcome challenges, make connections that will advance their career, and talk with advocacy groups about how they can help their patients through what is most likely the most difficult time of their lives.


You’ll laugh as you make new friends and catch up with old ones. You’ll cry as you hear inspirational stories from nurses and survivors alike. Most importantly, you’ll grow as you gain new knowledge to help you help your patients as you nurture the evolution of cancer care.


When 3,700 oncology nurses come together, great things happen. Come get energized and renew your passion for the work you do and the difference you make in the lives of patients with cancer.


I hope we’ll see you there.