By Christopher Pirschel, ONS Staff Writer

If you’ve attended Congress in the past, you’ve likely seen the conference hall peppered with corporate booths and company displays, staffed by smiling exhibitors. In fact, Congress is home to over 200 companies and corporate supporters that provide educational exhibits and activities for Congress attendees.

This year, you will see many interactive activities hosted by the ONS Strategic Sponsors. For the past several years, our Strategic Sponsors have generously provided activities to engage oncology nurses in outside-of-the-box ways. kids inflatable water park Congress attendees have assembled quilts, written handmade cards and folded origami “wishes” for patients. And, they have celebrated oncology nursing by murals, creating a unique heart sculpture, and connecting in a quirky networking lounge. These activities aren’t present just to engage nurses, but to foster community and develop networks with like-minded individuals within the oncology world. Ckeck out the list below to see where you can find the Strategic Sponsor activities this year.

Amgen Booth 1154
AstraZeneca Booth 1826
Bristol-Myers Squibb Booth 1159
Celgene Booth 1014
Eisai Booth 1812
Genentech Booth 1603
Lilly Oncology Booth 415
Novartis Booth 1813
Pfizer Oncology Booth 1254
Takeda Booth 1732
TESARO Booth 1258

As you can see, Congress exhibitors provide more than just a booth and a smiling face. They provide educational opportunities, pharmacology resources, financial support, and engaging activities. Their conference support helps ONS provide cutting edge oncology nursing content at a reasonable cost, so more nurses can attend each year to support the work they do every day.

We invite you to visit these booths at Congress, speak to the exhibitors, and gain whatever information you can to help you be successful as an oncology nurse.