Taylor Brenner, Marketing Specialist

Each year we sit down to brainstorm the ONS Congress™ theme. This theme dictates the look, feel, and messaging that sets each conference apart from those in years past. So, how did we determine this year’s theme?

Historically, we have looked to the host city to help drive the theme, but for 2021, we felt inspired by our attendees and the cutting-edge knowledge they gain at ONS Congress each year.

ONS Congress is a unique experience that brings together different oncology nursing professionals with a range of backgrounds, including clinical, research, leadership, and advocacy, resulting in innovation that can affect the future of cancer care. We recognize that our attendees take the knowledge they learn at ONS Congress back to their teams and communities. By attending ONS Congress, you are that catalyst to spark change in your career, your patient’s care, or work culture.

This year’s theme aims to inspire confidence in your role as an innovator and remind you now, more than ever, that you are a pioneer in the oncology profession.

We are looking forward to the 46th Annual ONS Congress on April 20, 22, 27, and 29, 2021 and hope that you will join us virtually!

Infuse the education you learn at ONS Congress into your practice to spark change and advance oncology care. Register today.