By Christopher Pirschel, ONS Staff Writer

As Congress draws closer, you’re probably aware of all the great events on the schedule. Between presentations, keynotes, best practice exchanges, and more, you might be overlooking one very important part of Congress—the networking opportunities. What other time are you going to be in a giant room filled with like-minded colleagues from across the country for several days in a row? Taking advantage of this opportunity will connect cheap water trampoline for sale you with people you’d never otherwise meet. Congress is the place to forge friendships, parlay with professionals, and open up to other oncology nurses about the things that matter most in your career.

ONS knows the value of a little time between sessions to catch up with those you’ve just met. In order to create an environment that encourages engagement, not only with the presenters but with each other, we’ve made some key tweaks to provide our attendees with more networking opportunities. In the past, there wasn’t much time between the end of one session and the beginning of another. This year, sessions will be spaced 15 minutes apart to offer more time for interaction and discussion with your fellow attendees.

Other networking opportunities include blocks of unopposed time in the learning hall each day (11 am-2:45 pm), three different roundtable discussions, an attendee reception to be hosted on Saturday evening, a career fair, and an all new addition to Congress called “Continuing the Conversation.” This provides time for featured speakers to keep the dialogue going in the lounges found in the learning hall.

Congress isn’t just for attending presentations. It’s for connecting with fellow nurses, speaking about the concerns and questions you face every day, and changing for the better in a big, big way. If you haven’t already, reserve your spot at Congress today. Don’t forget to check out this year’s schedule to plan your visit.