By Jen Krause, ONS Director of National Conferences

Ask anyone in marketing or communications. Coming up with a theme for anything—whether it’s a conference, Oncology Nursing Month, or a staff activity—is tough. You want it to not only be catchy and clever but also infused with a deeper meaning and message.

ONS members and staff have been putting plans in place to reinvigorate our annual conference for a while now. One part of that work entailed bringing back a Congress theme—a unifying trampoline water park for sale thread that can be woven throughout the conference to bring about a sense of cohesiveness while creating a unique attendee experience. After reaching out to our members and reflecting on what we want Congress attendees to think, feel, and know at Congress, a light bulb went off.

Big Change Starts Here.

Why? Well, first off, everything’s bigger in Texas, right? That includes Congress, but that’s only a small piece of it. Congress is all about oncology nurses. We want you to leave San Antonio thinking differently; feeling inspired, engaged, and connected; and knowing that you are a vital part of the cancer care community.

This year’s Congress is bringing some great new changes to meet the needs of oncology nurses, but that’s a story for another post.* Today, we’re talking about you and the critical role you play in achieving ONS’s vision “to lead the transformation of cancer care.”

Big change starts with you. One change that you implement in your practice because of a new finding at Congress can have an impact on hundreds of patients’ lives. One nurse, like you, makes a difference. When more than 3,000 nurses come together, they elevate the role of their profession and advance excellence in cancer care.

Let Congress be the spark you need to enhance your patient care, take the next step in your career, and advocate for your profession. You are the big change. You’ll be learning, networking, and thinking in a big way.

Please take a few minutes to check out our theme presentation that two of ONS’s talented staff members—Marketing Coordinator Caitlin Ionadi and Creative Services Manager Eric Marchetta—put together. It’s short, sweet, and worth a watch.

*Check back soon. We’ll have a number of posts in the “BIG Changes for 2016” series leading up to Congress!


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