Trey Woods, Congress Planning Team Chair

Have you ever thought about applying to be part of the ONS Congress Content Planning Team? Have you ever wondered what kind of planning and coordination was involved with putting together a conference the size of ONS Congress? Well, let me share a bit of insight as chair of the planning team.

We received many applications from people across the country interested in being a part of the planning team. Careful thought and consideration were given to narrowing down these applicants to the final team representing clinical practice, advanced practice, leadership/management/education, research, and radiation tracks.

While many people were vacationing and enjoying summer breaks, the ONS Planning Team was hard at work preparing the 44th Annual ONS Congress scheduled for April 11–14, 2019, in Anaheim, California. Our first formal meeting occurred June 29th at ONS headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, the planning had already begun because the team had been tasked with analyzing feedback from the previous Congress to determine what educational opportunities attendees were looking for from Congress. After a brief meet and greet, we began an intense two-day meeting that would ultimately lay the foundation for ONS Congress 2019. It was not all work, though, as we enjoyed getting to know one another, as well as ONS staff members, over the weekend. We concluded our first and second in-person planning meetings with a strong framework of educational content and left Pittsburgh tasked with securing expert speakers for each session. This was just the beginning of our time together—we would be conducting monthly conference calls and meeting again, in person, in January 2019 to review and finalize session information.

Congress registration opens October 1st, and we look forward to seeing you in sunny Anaheim.


Your Congress Content Planning Team
(Trey Woods, Colleen McCracken, Brenda Wolles, Susan Yackzan, Teresa Hagan, Kris Mathey, Clara Beaver, Danya Garner, Pamela Grubbs, and John Hollman)