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BD is a global medical technology company that is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. We are proud to share the PortReadyTM Program with the oncology community because we believe educating and empowering patients is an important component of delivering care. The PortReadyTM Program is designed to help patients be more informed about the ways in which they can receive their IV chemotherapy treatment, with a focus on implantable ports. The website,, isn’t just for patients, it’s also a resource for nurses and other medical professionals. You are your patients’ best advocate! You have the opportunity to work with your patient to choose the most appropriate vascular access device – one that suits both their immediate and long-term needs. provides numerous educational resources including brochures and PortReadyTM Display Kits. The PortReadyTM Display Kit includes a PowerPortTM ClearVUETM port body, catheter, catheter lock, synthetic skin, and a chest diagram, which allows you to demonstrate what the port looks like inside and outside of the patient. It is also an excellent tool to walk someone through the steps of proper port access. Contact your local rep for more information on this great program or register here to order your PortReadyTM Display Kit directly: Additionally, you can view BD’s comprehensive offering of Port Products here: