Pamela Grubbs, MS, APRN-BC, CNS, AOCNS®, Congress Planning Team Member

Picture it: You’re coming on for a 12-hour night shift and get a report that one of your patients had to be emergently medicated because of agitation and threats of violence. Do you feel your heart start to race? Maybe your palms get a little sweaty? What scenarios are running through your head? Fortunately, right now this patient is asleep. You think you’ve got it made. Sleeping patients are not violent patients.


Then, there’s a loud THUMP from his room. Maybe he just turned over and accidentally hit the wall. Maybe he’s still asleep. He’s probably still asleep. You just heard that wrong. Silly night shifts. Nope, he’s awake. He’s yelling and coming toward the desk, demanding to be let out of the hospital or else. Your mind is swirling. The adrenaline hits, but so does his. He’s pounding on the doors and the walls, screaming, and is now banging his head. What do you do?


Learn how to protect yourself and care for your patient at the same time. Don’t miss The Aggressive or Violent Patient: Strategies for Success at the ONS 44th Annual Congress. This must-attend session will be held from 4:15-5:30 pm on Thursday, April 11.


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