Prepare for Taking the Certified Breast Care Nurse Exam


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By Debbie J. Tuttle RN, FNP-BC, DNP, AOCNS®, CBCN®

Are you considering breast care certification, but aren’t sure where to start? You may prefer going to the dentist over taking a test, but starting today, our special interest group (SIG) members will share the painless methods you can use to take this important step in your professional development. Join us at the Breast Care SIG poster today from noon–12:30 pm and 3:30–4 pm. We’ll also be around Friday, May 2, from 9:30–10 am and noon–12:30 pm.

Our SIG members who have recently taken the exam are excited to offer support to get you started or to help you develop a study plan. Please visit us in the special interest group area and meet with one of our Certified Breast Care Nurses (CBCNs), who will give you practical tips, suggestions, and resources that others have used to successfully pass the exam. You can also try your hand at answering some test questions, either by yourself or with a group. We promise, no Novocain necessary!

by Melissa

2 thoughts on “Prepare for Taking the Certified Breast Care Nurse Exam

  1. Aprill says:

    I am planning on taking the CBCN in July, any helpful hints??? I have the Breast cancer book and have been studying the questions.

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