2015 ONS Congress Preconference Programs

Come early and reap the benefits! Earn up to four additional contact hours by attending preconference sessions.

Preconference Sessions

Wednesday, April 22 • 1–3 pm

Cancer Genetics: Genetic Counseling, Ethical Issues, and the Nurse’s Role
Patients who undergo genetic testing also require genetic counseling. What part do you play in the process? Learn more about your role in genetic counseling, including the ethical implications of counseling patients on varying results, talking with individuals who refuse testing, and suggesting further testing for high-risk family members.

Safe Handling: Implementing Evidence-Based Standards
Exposure to hazardous drugs is a major concern among oncology nurses. Have you ever felt the policies and procedures in place at your institution aren’t as effective as they could be? Review evidence-based standards of practice and learn the actions you can take for implementation. You’ll get an in-depth look at a successful program at a large, complex healthcare institution and hear from speakers who will provide guidance for implementation, overcoming barriers, and measuring outcomes and share lessons learned.


Wednesday, April 22 • 3:30–5:30 pm

Pathology Interpretation Workshop
Enhance your understanding of pathology results in this interactive workshop. By exploring clinical scenarios, you’ll broaden your ability to relate pathologic findings to the diagnosis, staging, treatment, and prognosis of patients with cancer.

Safe Handling: Implementing Evidence-Based Standards
Repeat of the 1–3 pm session.