ONS/ONCC Chemotherapy Immunotherapy Certificate™



The ONS/ONCC Chemotherapy Immunotherapy Certificate™ course provides advanced-level content to equip you with the tools needed to safely administer antineoplastic therapy while providing safe, quality patient care. This is not an introductory course. The content is aligned with the ONS Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Guidelines and Recommendations for Practice (second edition) and provides deeper dives into subjects covered in the ONS Fundamentals of Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Administration™ course, including intrathecal and oral administration concepts, cumulative dosing, infusion-related reactions, and venous complications.  

The goal of this certificate course is to best prepare the nurse and reinforce critical information for safe administration and the application of evidence to manage acute side effects and adverse events related to antineoplastic administration.

Orange background box with white text that says "This ONS course is designated as an Optimized Learning Experience, combining clinical expertise with best practices for adult learning.Learners may experience detailed medical illustrations, strategically placed knowledge checks, and real-world case studies with interactive scenarios."


Is the administration of antineoplastic medication part of your daily practice or a significant amount of your work?  

Have you participated in basic-level educational activities on this subject? 

Do you have nursing practice experience of six months or more? 

Are you interested in gaining a more advanced level of knowledge of antineoplastic administration?   

This advanced-level course will build on your experience and prior learning about the administration of these therapies, how they are used in cancer and noncancer treatment, and the effects on the patients who receive them. Additionally, the content will provide you with deeper dives into topics for those who administer antineoplastic therapy in their practice daily.   

Are you new to antineoplastic administration?   

Are you new to oncology and looking to learn about these therapies?     

Do you care for patients receiving antineoplastic therapy?    

A more fundamental level of learning would be appropriate for your practice. Consider the ONS Fundamentals of Chemotherapy Immunotherapy Administration™ course.


This course includes the following new features: 

  • New content: Hypersensitivity response, safe handling of hazardous drugs, and expanded content on genomics are now included in the course. Health equity is integrated with information discussing diversity and inclusion principles. The latest guidelines and recommendations for treatment, toxicity management, and survivorship are also included. 
  • Advanced knowledge: “Deeper dives” focus on infusion-related reactions, intrathecal administration, cumulative dosing, extravasation, and vesicant administration.   
  • New design: The course places the nurse in case studies to make clinical decisions in real-world scenarios and includes knowledge checks to enhance learning retention. The overall design and features provide an optimized learning experience to better prepare the learner to apply the information in the clinical setting.   
  • Drug monographs: Throughout the course, the learner will receive printable drug-specific resources that contain bite-sized information on the most common antineoplastic medications. These can be used for reference after the course to guide the application of the information to clinical practice.    


  • 180 days of access to the self-paced content 
  • All course registrants will receive a digitally accessible version of the ONS Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Guidelines and Recommendations for Practice (second edition). You can access the e-book while navigating the course or at any time via your ONS dashboard or the Bookshelf™ mobile app. Your e-book will remain accessible after the course has ended through Bookshelf™, ONS's digital rights management platform, which houses ONS e-book purchases.  

This course is available on demand. Instructions on how to immediately access the course will be sent to you in an automatically generated email receipt after you register.  

What will I receive at the completion of this course? 

Upon successful completion of the course post-test with a score of 80% or higher and completion of the course evaluation, you will receive:  

  • A ONS Chemotherapy Immunotherapy Provider Card that is valid for two years: After two years, you can consider taking the ONS/ONCC Chemotherapy Immunotherapy Certificate Renewal™ course.
  • A Certificate of Completion reflecting both 15.25 nursing continuing professional development (NCPD) contact hours and added qualification demonstrating mastery of the subspecialty of chemotherapy and immunotherapy administration. The certificate of added qualification is neither a professional certification nor licensure.

Course Topics

  • Alkylating agents
  • Antimetabolites
  • Antitumor antibiotics
  • Routes of administration
  • Dose-limiting toxicities
  • Targeted therapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Safety issues: Cumulative dose
  • Safety issues: Venous complications
  • Safety issues: Oral anticancer medication adherence
  • Plant alkaloids
  • Occupational exposure
  • Administration of antineoplastic drugs
  • Legal and ethical issues related to cancer treatment

Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of this activity, the learner will demonstrate advanced-level knowledge of antineoplastic medication administration by passing the post-test with score of 80% or higher. 

Target Audience

No more than 15.25 total points may be claimed for the program. Up to 1.5 ILNA points may be applied to Care Continuum OR Role of the APRN (AOCNP). Up to 15.25 ILNA points may be applied to Oncology Nursing Practice (OCN, CBCN) OR Treatment (AOCNP). Up to 11.5 ILNA points may be applied to Treatment (OCN, CBCN). Up to 3.25 ILNA points may be applied to Symptom Management, Palliative Care, Supportive Care (OCN). Up to 1.0 ILNA points may be applied to Oncologic Emergencies (OCN, AOCNP, CBCN) OR Psychosocial Dimensions of Care (OCN, AOCNP, CBCN, BMTCN).  Up to 1.25 ILNA points may be applied to Diagnosis and Staging (CBCN). Up to 4.0 ILNA points may be applied to Professional Practice/Performance OR Transplant Process and Infusion (BMTCN).