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You Speak for the Profession: Election Day and Oncology Nurses

By Alec Stone, MA, MPA,ONS Health Policy Director So boring! This presidential election cycle has all but put me to sleep. No one says anything controversial. No one makes any wild claims. No one has any skeletons in their closet that have come to light. I am not even paying attention. Okay, that may not be true and, […]

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Spot the Slip Up and Speak Up for Safety!

By Tracy Wyant, MSN, RN-BC, AOCN®, CHPN, and Laurl Matey, MSN, RN, CHPN As part of the #SpotlightonSafety initiative, ONS wants to empower nurses to adopt and achieve a culture of safety in practice. Why? Because oncology nurses are vital contributors to assuring safety in a hazardous, complex care environment. Individual core values, evidence-based behaviors, […]

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Nurse Educators: Joining Forces to Meet Complex Care Needs

By Tracy Wyant, RN-BC, MSN, AOCN®, CHPN Patients at risk for cancer, being treated for cancer, experiencing the effects of treatment, and survivors living with cancer are being cared for in every clinical setting. Are students and nurses prepared to meet these complex care needs? Do nurse educators have the essential resources to assist students […]

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SSP Activities

Getting the Most Out of Learning Hall Activities at Congress 2016

By Christopher Pirschel, ONS Staff Writer If you’ve attended Congress in the past, you’ve likely seen the conference hall peppered with corporate booths and company displays, staffed by smiling exhibitors. In fact, Congress is home to over 200 companies and corporate supporters that provide educational exhibits and activities for Congress attendees. This year, you will see many […]

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March Madness

Get in on the Election Madness

photo credit: Greenville, SC Republican debate at the Peace Center for the performing arts via photopin (license) By Alec Stone, MA, MPA, ONS Director of Health Policy March always brings a certain madness. People are wearing t-shirts, putting together office pools, and talking about their favorite team. That’s right, it’s the Presidential election season. We begin […]

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Complex Care

Simulation Clinics: Encouraging a Culture of Safety and Best Practice

By Nancy Corbitt, BSN, RN, OCN®, CRNI We all want to keep our patients safe and provide the best care possible, right? I know the answer is yes. Using simulation allows learners to experience best practices in a controlled setting without fear of harming patients. Simulation encourages attendees to experience firsthand situations that may come […]

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New Pubs

New Publication Releases Take Center Stage at the ONS Store

By Lisa George, ONS Managing Editor You can always find something new and exciting in the ONS store during Congress. In addition to the eye-catching t-shirts and logo accessories, don’t miss these new and updated books to add to your nursing library at a special Congress attendee discount! The second edition of Advanced Oncology Certification Review […]

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Big Change: Political Shifts Affecting Healthcare

By Alec Stone, MA, MPA, ONS Director of Health Policy Change is coming—big change, most would say. The ONS 41st Annual Congress theme is right in step with the national political scene. Big changes are coming, no matter who is elected president. After the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, what we know for […]

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ONS Booth

Your Adventure Begins at the ONS Booth

The ONS Learning Hall is a bustling hub of Congress activities—and this year there’s dedicated time for you to take a look around and explore. With so many great exhibitors, it can be hard to decide where to start. Why not begin at the ONS booth, where you can learn how to make the most […]

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